Friday, June 8, 2007

Who Was That Bearded Man In Sandals With All The Animals Following Two-by-Two?

It has been a little wet of late here in Hennessey. Mama P Dog has the pups out of the burrow and in Farmer K. John's field to sample the wheat. Mighty tasty. Just a little on the thin side though--that late freeze really hurt. Then there were the army worms--yum. Like plump spaghetti... Farmer K. John wasn't too happy with the worms, but the pups thought they were mighty fine.

Had a real scare this morning. There we were, up early and out munching on wheat, staying just a little later in the day than we should. It's still pretty wet, you know, after all those May rains, so we were a little longer in the fields, not really noticing that the wind we had yesterday had dried things out considerable. Got the pups all scattered out, chowing down pretty good, Mama P Dog watching for hawks and such--owls turned in already--P. Dog Heaven. Life was good.

I felt it in the ground first, a vibration, you know? A tremble that you feel in the palms of the paws, then that odd sound. I never can figure why the two-legged folks go in for noise. I gotta admit, though, it's a good thing for us. I whistled to Mama Dog to get those young 'uns back to the burrow, like scat!

Trucks comin'. Combines startin' up. Birds flying. P. Dogs scattering to the four corners. You ever try to round up six PD pups that haven't seen the world and are chewin' their way through wheat like a two-legged critter in his first candy store? Darned if they didn't run toward those slice and dice death traps just to see what all the commotion was about.

We got 'em underground, finally. Out of the field and back to PD Town and into the burrow safe and sound and sorely irritated. It was like snatching Christmas out of their paws, but at least they were alive to grumble.

The fields are quiet right now. Just a little too much moisture comin' up from the ground for Farmer K to run into the night. Perfect time for Mom and the pups to have a little supper while I watch for early owls.

It just doesn't get any better than this.