Saturday, May 5, 2007

Storms Everywhere, but not for me...

It's a rocky night in Oklahoma, but Kansas has been hit hardest. Wedge tornados, the true big boys, are crossing the plains. The prairie dog hole is a good place to be.

Greensburg, Kansas was near to wiped off the map yesterday with just the local bar left standing and it was set up as a morgue. They don't know how many deaths yet and had to call off rescue searches because of the new tornados today. Sweetwater, Oklahoma was hit earlier tonight and there's a supercell moving toward Mooreland, but Hennessey is high and dry. Not even a rumble of far-off thunder.

Mama PD is having fits trying to get the pups settled down. They keep wanting to pop out topside and look for storms. Gotta admit, I've been to the surface a few times myself. The humidity and pressure makes my skin creep and my fur fluff out, but no action yet.

Howsumever, the night is still young...

Thursday, May 3, 2007

This Is More Like It

Ah, the 3rd day of May... Popped up topside to see what the world is looking like: dense fog, roses blooming, 61 degrees with 70s coming and the possibility of rain. Looks like the drought has broken around here, folks. It's getting a little damp in our entry tunnel.

Mama Prairie Dog is weaning the youngsters and it's about time to get back out into the world again. Not today, though. Too foggy. Too much opportunity for that sharped-eyed hawk to come swooping down out of the mist and taking me off to lunch!

Plant those annuals!