Saturday, January 26, 2008

Don't Wake Me 'Til Spring

Gosh durn it, can't a Pdog get any sleep at all? Mrs. Pdog and the pups are restless with all that sunshine warmin' the ground topside. She woke me last week to make my prediction and I guess that warn't enough for her. She keeps rootin' around makin' noise and interrupting my rest. Keeps frettin' about them dang crocus bulbs.

You see, crocus bulbs sprout about mid-January in these parts. Have every year since I was a pup myself. It's like a sign lightin' up and saying, "Hey, dogs! Spring's a'comin'!" This year, Mrs. K John had nary a one over in her yard--not one. My missus finds that ominous. Says that with the crocus late, the daffodils may not bloom, then what will we all do?

I'm the prognosticator in this here hole and I'll tell you what happened. Them squirrels got 'em. That's what I'm tellin' you. Them gosh dang rodents are ruinin' the neighborhood!