Saturday, December 13, 2008


What a summer we had. Gotta admit we stayed hunkered down during the campaign season. Too many human folks up and down knockin' on doors, comin' and goin'... Big doin's for the country. Hope things turn out for you.

It was long and hot for Pdog folk. Just our kind of weather. But now, we're ready to tuck it in for the winter. Been cross as a snake ready to slip its skin--it's that time of year. The wind's up today. Dern near picked up Mama Pdog and carried her off. Testy as I've been lately, I mighta just watched her go... But, naw...that's just temporary'll pass. I 'spect that wind is going to blow in one powerful storm.

Think ice.

You human animals don't have the sense of Pdogs. Ya'll ought to just shut it down and sleep through the bad stuff--get after it again come spring. But, no, you just keep on keepin' on. Better lay in some provisions for next week though. My bones tell me we're in for a real cold snap just before Christmas.

Ya'll take care.