Friday, October 14, 2016

October Song

Here I rest, kicked back under this hazy sky, just a-listenin' to the crickets sawin' away and the singin' grass.  Got me a good buddy who says he's been up in the two-legged critters' neck of the woods and heard him string-sounds that could make a growed-up Pdog cry.  A harp, they calls it.  But he don't think it much at all set up next to this here prairie and the wind.

Days is gettin' short in these parts and this ol' Pdog is gettin' a mite testy, ready for the long sleep, you know?  The warm Dark, deep down away from winter's fierce ol' bite.  But not yet.  No, sir, I got to enjoy these last sweet days from brim to dregs before I sleep.  All my little mamas are fussin' around gettin' their nests just right--you know how it is.  Leaves me time to set out and listen to the birds callin' their young'uns in for the trek south.  Always wondered what it's like--south.  Them birds sing of hot days and warm water and the rough flyin'.  'Course this ol' Pdog cain't fly--cain't even imagine what that'd be like, you know?  Up there lookin' down and singin' on the wing.

Well, I 'spect the ground's good enough for the likes of me.  Soft and dark and deep.  Heck, I'm gettin' down right drowsy just thinkin' on it.  Time to tuck in and let that ol' north wind sing me to sleep.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

All Shook Up

Now what was that all about?  We got dirt droppin' from the ceilings, we got cracks in the floors.  I swear that new tunnel I started last fall is right close to half closed down.  A feller drops off to hibernate and the whole dad-gum place gets shook to pieces.

We got us an oil rig out here in the pasture, trucks comin' and goin' and noise and lights all the time.  Makes it dern hard to get any winter shut-eye for an ol' Pdog, gotta tell you.  Rumblin' and grumblin' and commotion all the time--we got it hard out here in the middle of nowhere.  We's become somewhere all on a sudden, and it's sure a sight to see--all's those young buck two-legged critters swarmin' round.  Gotta say, though, it's been a lot quieter here lately.  Don't know what's goin' on up there in the human world, but we not got near as much excitement out here since I opened my eyes on spring as when I closed 'em on winter. 

We got us lots of pups this year.  I picked me up a couple more cute little young mamas last summer, what with the grass bein' so green and tall.  All's that rain we got last year put the life back in us, don't y'know?  Started lookin' up at the blue sky 'stead of our dusty little Pdog toes.  Gotta tell you though, those li'l darlins turned right fierce once they holed up in their nursery burrows.  Best time for hiberatin' is when the mamas are havin' pups.  Howsomever, it won't be long before we'll all be up and out into the sunshine and kissin' and groomin' and doin' what Pdogs do when the grass grows tall.

We've had hard times and the ground shakin' makes us plumb nervous, but there's pups comin' up and an early spring promising an early summer and new whiskers in old burrows and I just gotta stretch myself and look up into the sun and say, "Ain't that just fine."