Wednesday, January 23, 2019

What Winter?

Doggone if I can figure out what's goin' on up topside.  We Pdogs bed down in the fall, you know--sleep like the world's gone dark and 'tain't comin' light again--ya'll know what I mean.  But how the heck can a Pdog sleep when the temps keep jumpin' like crickets on asphalt?  Derned if I know what's goin' on.

We had a nice cold spell, you know, round about Halloween, but then if it weren't spring in Oklahoma, I've never seen it.  Days in the 50's, nights just tappin'  freezing.  The crocus are confused and the daffodils too early.

And wet?  Nice.  Can't complain there, though ol' Mama Pdog says she thinks I could find something wrong with Pdog heaven.  But no, cain't complain 'bout the rain and fog and that little sugar sprinkle we got of snow.  Changes afoot.  Mark my words.  Lots of changes comin'.

Since I'm up, I meandered over to see Miss Mary at the library and doggone if she ain't gone!  Yes, sir, retired and off to Enid.  That's a mite too far for this ol' Pdog to travel, so I guess I'll just have to wish her Godspeed and get to know the new lady running the show.  Changes comin', yes siree, don't you know.  She don't speak Pdog, I guess, and I cain't get in to post my prediction for this year.  Gotta do it here.

So here we go:

Spring is here.  How's that for dancin' on thin ice?  Sure, we'll have some cold spells--ol' winter easing up alongside Missy Spring, but more warm than cold.  It'll be a tussle 'til that ol' grouch packs up his icy fog and stomps over the hill.  But summer, now--there's the problem.  Summer out here on the plains is gonna be hellacious, you mark my word. Hot?  Why the devil himself canceled all Oklahoma reservations this year, so whatever devilment we get into, well, it's all of ourselves, and that's the truth.

Ya'll be good, now.  We got no excuse.