Friday, February 8, 2008


Man, I'm as antsy as a hooked worm in a school of fish. Woke up this morning feeling just fine. Popped up topside for a look-see and danged if those crocus weren't finally coming up. Didn't dare tell the missus. I made such a ruckus over them squirrels stealing the bulbs, she'd never let me forget just how wrong I was.

Warm but windy after those flurries yesterday, just like I predicted. The ol' winter man ain't gonna give it up easy this year, but these warm days are nice. Ground's nice and wet. Hope Farmer KJ does well this year. What's good for the farmer is great for the dogs!

Anyhow, the day's going great, see? Nothing unusual. Just lazing around kinda half asleep like, then--What? It just comes over me all of a sudden. I'm restless, fidgety. I want something, don't know what. Wanta go somewhere, don't know where. I get all closed in in my own skin, itchy but nothing to scratch. The pups go wild, pushing, shoving. Mama dog gets snappish. I'm thinking, what the heck?

Then I get it. Sure. Spring just snuck in under the ol' winter man's nose and set up shop. The ol' man, he may not give it up easy, but spring is here just the same.