Saturday, December 13, 2008


What a summer we had. Gotta admit we stayed hunkered down during the campaign season. Too many human folks up and down knockin' on doors, comin' and goin'... Big doin's for the country. Hope things turn out for you.

It was long and hot for Pdog folk. Just our kind of weather. But now, we're ready to tuck it in for the winter. Been cross as a snake ready to slip its skin--it's that time of year. The wind's up today. Dern near picked up Mama Pdog and carried her off. Testy as I've been lately, I mighta just watched her go... But, naw...that's just temporary'll pass. I 'spect that wind is going to blow in one powerful storm.

Think ice.

You human animals don't have the sense of Pdogs. Ya'll ought to just shut it down and sleep through the bad stuff--get after it again come spring. But, no, you just keep on keepin' on. Better lay in some provisions for next week though. My bones tell me we're in for a real cold snap just before Christmas.

Ya'll take care.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rainy Day

Well, I've lollygagged through March and April, just can't seem to get my get-along to get along. Still pretty sleepy from this chilly spring we've had. But things are lookin' up. Lots and lots of wheat to eat--and tall enough to hide us little critters from the bad eyes in the skies. Rain today all over the state, I've heard tell. It's off and on here by Hennessey. Good day to lay back and take stock of life.

When you're a Pdog, life can be purty tenuous, you know? Ten of them, not enough of us. Ever' body and ever' thing is out to get you. Farmers and cowmen and athletes don't like the holes. Owls and hawks and durn fool kids want to catch you up and take you to dinner, or worse (leastwhys them kids). You'd think we'd be a pretty new-rotic lot--scared of our own shadow like our cuz, ol Puxatony Phil.

But you just gotta roll with the hard knocks, you see. Gotta keep your little Pdog feet under you, duck into the burrow when time's are bad, graze on green things when you can, enjoy the pups playin' round your feet. They's new pups ever year. New babies to get to know. Ever' one different, ever' one a promise. And old friends down the way. Ever' body watchin' ever'body else's back--looking for that hawk in the sky and just cussin' the weather and laughin' together.

We've all been around here a bit, been together in this here last little Pdog town in K County a long time. We're easy with one another. Know who the hotheads are. Know the wise ones. The silly ones. The loners and the compatriots. We don't got no losers here. The yips and barks are easy to hear, 'cause we've heard 'em since we was born.

So, let it rain in Oklahoma today. Let the water come drippin' down into the Pdog hole. Let ol' mom snap and fret at the pups. I got my feet up and my head back and my belly full and life is good.

Yes, sir and madam, life is durn good.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Sunshine on my fur.
Sweet green grass sproutin' up.
Calves friskin' in the field.

Gotta keep an eye out fer that lazy hawk and his dang circles, but other than that, life is good.

Them human fellers are havin' a time of it, though. Lots of grass fires, controlled burns gettin' outa control, some haybales set to burnin' a'purpose. What's people thinkin' of, anyhow?

It's too purty a day to make trouble for folks. We've chilled long enough...

Friday, February 8, 2008


Man, I'm as antsy as a hooked worm in a school of fish. Woke up this morning feeling just fine. Popped up topside for a look-see and danged if those crocus weren't finally coming up. Didn't dare tell the missus. I made such a ruckus over them squirrels stealing the bulbs, she'd never let me forget just how wrong I was.

Warm but windy after those flurries yesterday, just like I predicted. The ol' winter man ain't gonna give it up easy this year, but these warm days are nice. Ground's nice and wet. Hope Farmer KJ does well this year. What's good for the farmer is great for the dogs!

Anyhow, the day's going great, see? Nothing unusual. Just lazing around kinda half asleep like, then--What? It just comes over me all of a sudden. I'm restless, fidgety. I want something, don't know what. Wanta go somewhere, don't know where. I get all closed in in my own skin, itchy but nothing to scratch. The pups go wild, pushing, shoving. Mama dog gets snappish. I'm thinking, what the heck?

Then I get it. Sure. Spring just snuck in under the ol' winter man's nose and set up shop. The ol' man, he may not give it up easy, but spring is here just the same.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Don't Wake Me 'Til Spring

Gosh durn it, can't a Pdog get any sleep at all? Mrs. Pdog and the pups are restless with all that sunshine warmin' the ground topside. She woke me last week to make my prediction and I guess that warn't enough for her. She keeps rootin' around makin' noise and interrupting my rest. Keeps frettin' about them dang crocus bulbs.

You see, crocus bulbs sprout about mid-January in these parts. Have every year since I was a pup myself. It's like a sign lightin' up and saying, "Hey, dogs! Spring's a'comin'!" This year, Mrs. K John had nary a one over in her yard--not one. My missus finds that ominous. Says that with the crocus late, the daffodils may not bloom, then what will we all do?

I'm the prognosticator in this here hole and I'll tell you what happened. Them squirrels got 'em. That's what I'm tellin' you. Them gosh dang rodents are ruinin' the neighborhood!