Saturday, December 22, 2007

Blizzard, Oklahoma Style

Can't figure out why anybody'd want to live anywhere but in Oklahoma. We've got it all. Grandest sampling of weather anywhere in the country. Well, that's just the reason we've got so many awards for our weather research and just about any weather practioner in the nation would give his eye teeth for a chance to work here just one year.

Take that mini-hurricane we had earlier this year. You don't find one of those just everywhere. And right now we've got high winds and blowing snow up here with roads closed in the panhandle because of whiteouts (That's Oklahoman for "mini-blizzard"). It was nigh on to 70 degrees yesterday.

Mary's closed the library for Christmas, but I heard tell that she was close to blowed off her feet in Enid this morning, trying to get her vacuum cleaner from the repair place to the car. We're all a lot concerned about them human kids in their 4 wheel vehicles trying to get home for Christmas.

Down here in the prairie dog hole, we're all snug and dry and ready for our winter's nap, and we hope you human folk all get to where you're goin' safe and sound and sleep well tonight, yourselves. Take care up there!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ice on Toast?

Dang... How's a prairie D. ever to figure out when it's time to hunker down and give it up for the winter?

Last week, we were froze in--solid ice, some snow. Just the kind of weather to send you down deep in the burrow and tight into a ball, ready for some serious shut-eye. Then, derned if the drips didn't start drizzling down on top of us. Ice melted, snow blowed away, and the sun toasted the ground until we were all steaming down below. This is no way to run a winter.

I figured I might as well go top-side and look for some seeds or what have you, and I heard Farmer K. saying that the sign on the bank down town said it was 76 degrees today. Tulsa and Oklahoma City are still trying to get the lights on after the biggest ice-related power outage in Oklahoma history and we've got 76 degrees.

And you folks expect me to make a prediction come February...