Saturday, November 17, 2007

Counting Sheep

Down here in the burrow, we should be getting a little sleepy. It is almost Thanksgiving topside, you know. But how does a prairie dog hunker down for a little seasonal shuteye when the temps stay in the upper 70s and lower 80s? Can't sleep in that kind of weather. Never could.

Got to admit, though, the last few days have had a good November wind that smells like fall. You pop your head up out of the hole and you better hold on tight. Dern wind can suck you up quick as that and carry you off. Heard about a P. dog got blowed clear to Kingfisher once. Never did get back across the river. They say he tried to start his own town south of town, but that new Walmart Super Center interfered with his plans.

There's not many of us left in this part of the country, anyway. Sure not enough to start a new town. The books all say that there arn't any P.dogs in Kingfisher County, and there's surely few enough of us to let what the books say stand. Too many plows.

Well, it's 45 degrees here at 10:51 pm, wind 7 mph from the NNW. That's all right. The cold'll get here.