Thursday, July 17, 2014


Frizzle me whiskers, it's cold!  Who'd ever'a thunk it?  Temps down in the 60's after the 4th of July and rain like...well, enough to make ol' Noah nervous.

We've had such a dang strange spring with winter all cross-wise and slow to move on, then hot, dry days blastin' what grass we had and burnin' up ever-thing.  Dried up, we were, the lakes lookin' like ponds and the ponds not more than puddles, and nary a puddle to be found.  We figured we were fixin' to have a scorcher and then the rains came.  And came.  And came.  And now they's well nigh to washing us away.

Just goes to prove that here 'bouts you can't give up on ol' Ma Nature, no sir.  Just when you think you're done for, finished, down to your last straw, she turns on you, just like she turned to put you there.  Nothing goes on forever, not the bad, not the good.  You just got to hold on, can't let nothin' take you down, gotta keep on waitin' for that first drop of rain.

Down here in Pdog town, we's missin' Farmer K.  That ol' man'd be out here jiggin' in the mud, so full up with this here rain, he'd be.  The fields are full of grass, tall and heavy, 'cause nobody's had a mind to mow or plow or set critters on it to graze.  It's good for us, of course, not bein' disturbed, and that sign that says this land is for sale is pert well hid by the grass and that's fine with us.  You never know what folks are goin' to be like, whether they'll take to a Pdog town where there's not 'sposed to be any Pdogs, you know?  Ol' Farmer K, he just let us be and we was careful to keep our little village small so's not to be too noticed.  Ever time one of those big white cars comes up and folks step out to look us over, we lay low and get right nervous.  Heard a lot of big tales about what some kind of two-legged critters does to Pdog towns.  'Tain't purty.

But we gotta trust that whatever comes, we'll get by.  Ol' Ma Nature got a way of lookin' out for her critters in the hard times, and we gotta just remember the rain on dry ground and go on our Pdog business enjoying the grass and the sun and bein' just us out here on the land.  Whatever comes will come but we got today and today is mighty fine.

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