Thursday, May 14, 2015

What Is That Wet Stuff Anyway?

Now how long has it been since we've seen rain like we've had this spring?  Well, that's too long!  Yessir, the fields are awash in water and, down the prairie dog hole, we're looking at putting in one of them there cabanas to go with our underground swimmin' hole.    We've been packing the walls for the last year or so, trying to keep that blame frack water out of our livin' room, but this here stuff is the real thing.  Clean, pure, real honest-to-Pdog-golly H2O.

'Bout time.  We figured we's going to dry up and blow off to Kansas.  Scrawny little pups and not much forage out there in the fields to fatten 'em up.  Mama Pdog kept grumbling that we oughta light out for Nebraska, don't you know?  But me and my Pdog buddies, we per-ser-vered.  Yes, sir.  Sat tight and kept on keeping on keeping an eye on the sky, a nose to the ground, and an ear to the wind.  Waitin' for that first drop of rain.

Well, we got that first drop.  Time and again.  We just didn't get the second or third until this year, and now, we's kicked back, soggy below ground, green above and watchin' that wheat.  With ol' Farmer K gone, we's been pretty sparse on the pickin's out in the field.  Canola just ain't to our likin', you know?  You get used to those tasty sprigs of wheat and nothin' much else looks good to you.

We got us a young 'un out here workin' Farmer K's fields.  He comes out right regular, checks the wheat, squints at the sky, and lets a bit of a smile kinda ease that worry crease a bit.  Leaves us alone, and that sure eases our worry crease.  We're bettin' he's going to be a good 'un, take care of the land and be a good neighbor.  Maybe let us fatten up a bit.

We got plenty to be grateful for, and this here rain is just a start.

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