Thursday, January 11, 2018

After Long Sleep...

It was a hard year, last year.  Lots of commotion above ground and Pdogs layin' low, you know, trying to make ourselves scarce as the two-legged folk stormed and fussed.  Can't be too careful when you live by the goodwill of the man who plows the land.  There weren't much I wanted to say and I didn't.  Pdogs can be that way, you see.

Let me tell you, now, I don't know why I'm awake this time of year, anyhow.  'Spose to just open one eye and make my prediction then snooze on 'til spring.  But how's a fella to sleep through winter when that blame sun keeps warmin' the dirt?  First thing it's warm, then 'fore you know it, brrrr....  But wait a bit, 'cause it's going to get toasty again--you know what I mean?  Fella can't get no rest.  Seems like we don't get no winters no more, not to speak of.

Everthing's topsy above ground and that keeps us stirred up too.  Crazy, mixed-up weather and the ground shakin' below.  We figured it to be only a passing irritation, you know?  Curious how the rattlin' started, but the thing is, it ain't stoppin'.  Dig me a new tunnel one day and dirt's down the next.  Mighty irritating.  Down right consternating.  We's just holdin' on down here, hopin' things'll settle down a mite by spring.

And it's comin' early.  I swear it.  I feel it in my frizzled fur.  You just wait and see.

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