Friday, July 6, 2018

Crow Pie

Do Pdogs eat crow?  Well, now, not normal like, but sometimes...

Well, doggone it all, I was wrong.  Yep, I'll own up to it, though the feathers are a mite stuck in my throat.  I swear I felt the spring a'comin' in, but that dad blamed ol' man winter plumb flummoxed me good, let me tell you.  Yeah, that late freeze caught us all, up and about with burrow fever and above ground way too soon.  Then there was the rain.

Couldn't never tell when a nice day was going to turn nasty, don't you know.  We'd be a'creepin' out of the burrows, checkin' the sky, and the sun would be all smiley and nice, and then, Bam!  Thunder clouds rollin' in, and them wind blasts so strong they'd blow over a silo or two.  And, sure nuff, they did!  Well, least wise, they pulled 'em up a roof or two.  No twisters though.  Well, doggone if that weren't a surprise.

But July is upon us and the fields they've  been cut and there's them seeds to be had and tasty other goodies to warm a vegetarian Pdog's stomach.  The grass is high and life is good.  I 'spose I can eat a little crow now and again.  Them words may be a mite bitter, but Truth--oh, yes--Pdog Truth is sweet.

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